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There are people who are aware, and then there are the people who NEED to be aware...

AT THE CANNERY & COMPANY WE TAKE EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS VERY SERIOUSLY....But we also believe in having fun with it!!!!                                


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From Ammo to Zucchini and Everything in Between!

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December 5, 2016

We were recently at the Crossroads of the West Gun Show in Phoenix, Arizona and it was a great success! We want to thank all of the people who came to our booth to check us out and support us!

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 Planning for the        


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High Quality !

Once re-hydrated they are almost to the original state to the fruit or veggie

God created! 



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Oh no! Did that just Happen?               


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The Cannery and Company  wants to provide you with the best possible and affordable ways to have  Peace of Mind in uncertain times.  We hope for the best and plan for the worst...such wise words from  Benjamin Franklin!

We have found that it can be very fun and exciting to see how fast a food supply can grow...We strive to provide as many nutrients as possible without sacrificing health and taste.

Because... when you're in a stressful situation, yummy comfort foods helps to nourish our souls. What we care about, is you and your loved ones.  No matter the circumstances, we want to make sure that you are secure, safe and sound, with full bellies and a peaceful mind.

It's Green !!!

Wow...did you know most American families throw away $2,250 of food per year??? The shelf life of freeze dried is up to 30 years, once opened up to one year...saves money

and stops waste...

Every month we will be adding 2 or more new products to our line. We hope you keep returning to view our new additions.

Freeze Dried Foods are Awesome!

What do we do now!?!


When you want or need LONG-TERM STORAGE SOLUTIONS, look no further than The Cannery & Company. We will try to find what you are looking for the best price if we don't already have it available.         

It's what we do. We care. We are resourceful. We do our best to deliver. 


Our passion is to keep promoting insight while providing solutions for long-term storage needs, contributing  peace of mind & empowerment, to know your future is safe & secure. We are not a big corporation...just 2 women with a dream and a desire to help others with a unique twist.

Insanely Nutritional !!

It retains  97%

         of all of its nutrients...

yes 97%!!! 

Crazy Healthy!